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The Cafe
"Okay seriously, are you stalking me or something? Because every time I go out on a date, you know who I see?"
"Nice to see you again too, how's your day, oh by the way did I mention I ran into my ex earlier?"
"Oh stop it with the sarcasm and explain what the hell you're doing here again."
"Well after the first time when I ruined your night by having your date run away with mine I figured repeating the experience would be incredibly amusing for both of us."
"Well it sure looks like that doesn't it? I mean here we both are, both with other people, completely by coincidence and I..."
"Drag me off to a secluded corner and yell at me, yes. Just like last time. Remember what happened then?"
"Yeah, your date decided to seduce mine away and I never heard from him again."
"Yeah well my date did, and did you know that working in the TV business makes you into a total douche? Because apparently the guy brought her to a bar, seduced her, slept with her, and then left her. Good pick there."
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The Restaurant
"Ow, ow OW! Hey that kinda hurts!"
"Oh you shut up, you're the one who ruined my date by showing up at this restaurant!"
"Why? What's wrong with taking a girl to this restaurant?"
"What's wrong? What's WRONG? This is the restaurant we BROKE UP IN you moron, that makes it special!"
"Hey, you apparently didn't mind Hairgel over there bringing you here. If it's so sacred why didn't you tell him to go somewhere else?"
"Wait. No way... YOU chose this restaurant?"
"Oh wipe that smirk off your face!"
"It's just... aheh... I can't believe the great and mighty... *snerk* I can't believe you're lecturing ME about how sacred this place is!"
"Oh stop laughing, your date is starting to look at you funny."
"Sorry, sorry, it's just... come on, it's just a restaurant. It's a nice restaurant! You would know!"
"So what, you bring all your conquests -to -be here then? Is that it?"
"Whoa, easy, ease off a little eh I like having my own air. Man I thought you'd gotten all the yelling out last time we
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The Prince of the Earth
Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived a magical prince named Caspian. Caspian had a gift: the gift of magic. But a very specific kind of magic: where some with the gift could fly and others light flames with their minds, Caspian could commune with the ground itself.
Many dismissed Caspian's gift as worthless; what good would talking to the ground do, they said? Did he have to eat mud for his ability to work? Some even wondered if he could speak to the ground because he was originally born of the King's tryst with a mud spirit, or at least so said the local gossip-mongers.
But then, all recalled the important fact that Caspian was as always their future king, and wisely shut their mouths when the royal guard would come near for fear of being brought before the King or, worse yet, the dreaded Queen.
Caspian, however, was not unaware of the speculations of the villagers; he knew when they would laugh at the "mud-eating Prince" or when the old wives would get together and giggle o
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The Robbery
"So a rabbi, a computer salesman, a
blonde, and a Chihuahua walk into a bar and…"
"And the rabbi orders a glass of
water, and the computer salesman orders a blue margarita, and do you want me to
finish telling the joke because I've heard it enough damn times by now
"Yeah, so I try and make a joke, so
what? Don't any of you idiots want to hear it?"
Mike turned to the two black-clad men who
were hurriedly moving boxes out of the back of the electronics store, finding
them all too busy to stop long enough to care about their boss' newest futile
attempt at hilarity. They left it up to the first man courageous enough to
speak up--Mike--to try and keep him focused less on his newest joke and more on
the boxes of iPods they were trying to steal.
"Look chief, no one wants to hear your
stupid joke again! Now would you just…"
"Actually, I kinda like jokes. Not so
fond of people ripping off my friendly neighbourhood computer store
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Prompt - Beneath the Broken
I’ve always believed that there are two kinds of people in the world: the dreamers, and the doers.
The dreamers are the ones who think: the artists, the writers, the philosophers. They’re the ones who invent, who concern themselves more with the form than the function.
By contrast, there’s the doers. They’re the engineers, the builders, the go-getters, the ones who go out and act rather than think on “what-if”. I never really understood the appeal of it; why needlessly bind yourself to mundane reality?
I’ve always been one of the former: an architect by trade, a sculptor by passion. I love to design things, always have. Imagine my surprise when I was told that I would get to be the one to design the new lunar colony expansion, a towering skyscraper that would overlook the original dome itself. Designed to house as many as a thousand people, it would be massive, a transparent aluminum spire that would overlook the lunar landscape for miles around.
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The Fools' Tale
My dearest Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,
I trust your part of the plan goes well? Now that Hamlet is off on his grand adventure to England, someone must make sure he remains there quite permanently. That letter you’ve been carrying from Claudius should ensure the death of the good Prince.
Now then, as to the matter of your compensation for this most dreadful of tasks. Seek out my servant, Reynaldo, the very moment you arrive in England. He will make great haste to ensure your swift reward the moment you give him the letter I have entrusted to you.
Eternally gratefully,
The two men who have given you this letter, a bumbling pair named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, must die immediately. Pass them a drink filled with poison, or have some criminal run them through with a dagger, or push them beneath an oncoming carriage. It matters not how it is done, it matters only that it is done, and done with haste, seeing how I haven’t yet the means of rewarding them. Whe
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Actions Speak Louder...
Actions Speak Louder than Words
And here comes Mrs. Militant from across the hedge. Wait, I’m sorry, Mrs. Hawkins of the prestigious Hawkins clan, something that she never fails to bring up in every conversation. Of course, hedge is just an expression; it’s more of a small line of mulch, some flowers, and two stepping stones at her insistence, as anything else would clash with her picture perfect outsourced garden. What could she possibly want now? I swear, if she’s here to complain about those racoons again...
Oh no. ‘The cross armed scowl.’ That pointed nose of hers always seems to be almost an accusation when she pinches it upwards like that. She’s now started pointing and gesturing wildly at—the trees? What doesn’t she like about the new trees just planted down the middle of the boulevard? Wait, now she’s looking at me. That anxious, waiting look is one that I’ve seen before. It’s the one that indicates that if I don
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Panic Rush
Panic Rush
Kate was in a hurry tonight. She had been sent out by her squadmates to go grab the car and come pick them back up. The problem was that the car was currently parked right in the middle of a group of zombies milling about. This made retrieving the car significantly more…complicated then it was at first.
This was the point when she noticed the parking garage across the street. Making her way across, quietly so she didn’t draw unwanted attention from the zombies, Kate began to decide what kind of car she’d be borrowing tonight.
A few streets over, the rest of her group had set themselves up comfortably to wait for her to come back. The three heavy boxes of precious guns and ammo that they had dug up during their scavenging were nearby. Impossible to transport back home they might have been, but so long as the car was coming that wouldn’t be a problem.
Their leader Alison, an alert blonde woman of subtly German descent, kept them on high guard. Even t
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I found a bowl of cherries
It didn’t last long
It didn’t help the hunger.
Neither do those white mints
Laying in the empty hallways
But they are sustenance, I suppose
The doctors in their long coats
Red and pink and orange
And their fancy walls
Of purest, darkest blue
I guess they were supposed to be comforting
It didn’t help the hunger.
The lights start to flash
The doctor in blue rounds the corner
I eat another mint as he turns and runs
Too slow; I caught him
He was tasty
I ate another mint.
Now when they see me
Or hear my whispers
They turn white and run
Down the blue halls; they’re cornered.
I’m only hungry.
I whisper what has become my mantra:
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Raid on the High Clouds
Miss Victoria Gray of the Great City of London was startled to hear a very big bang. She stood up with a start, looking in all directions to see where it came from. Her quarters, located on the starboard side of the Airship Margaret, were posh and large; they were also completely unpaid for. After all, the lovely Miss Gray was a penniless runaway from her family, which made paying for the room aboard the luxury cruiser rather difficult. Her plan, such as it was, was to sneak off the boat once they made port in Venice.
The explosion might mean that a kink in the plan had just appeared.
She pulled on a coat and went running to the deck, seeing several other elegantly dressed passengers also looking out of their rooms in confusion at the sound. Everyone else, however, turned around and walked back into their rooms after reassurances by the steward bots roaming the halls that everything would be all right, though the continued smaller explosions seemed to indicate the contrary.
Miss Gray q
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